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First of all I would like to thank you. Your help was greatly appreciated, and the free sample service was very speedy.

The delivery was also very quick, next day.

The driver called about 45 minutes prior to delivery.

Once more thanks for your help, out of hours email service is second to none..


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Based in Morecambe, Lancashire, Wood Flooring Supplies Ltd is a family run business, with over 10 years experience in supplying and fitting wood flooring and laminate flooring throughout Lancashire. Selling only quality Solid Wood, Engineered wood floors and Laminate flooring, Our range of solid wood flooring are all of the highest quality, while the Par-Ky Engineered flooring is extremely tough, plus with the added advantage of only being 7.2mm thick you won't get the height increase with other Engineered floors. Quick-Step now offer their new Parquet range, which is Engineered flooring, with the ultra reliable click system so you know it will all fit together seamlessly. We sell Laminate flooring from Quick-Step, all of our Wood Flooring and Laminate flooring can be bought in large quantities, and so the more you buy the cheaper it is. We don’t sell cheap flooring imports so you can rest assured you are buying from premium manufacturers. Whilst we emphasize on number one customer service and satisfaction.

Engineered wood flooring is made basically from three layers, a solid wood top layer ranging from 1mm to 6mm in thickness, which is glued to thin pieces of plywood what run in different directions, this makes for a much more stable wood compared to solid wood.

Engineered floors come in two different ways of fitting the floor planks together, first it comes in tongue and groove edges which can be secret nailed to a wooden sub-floor or can be glued down if laying onto a concrete base, secondly Engineered floors come with an easy to fit click together system that can be installed as a floating floor, making installation easier.

Engineered oak flooring is the most popular wood species, it comes in various coloured stains, followed by Walnut flooring, but also you can buy ones to suite your needs such as Maple, Cherry, Birch, Tigerwood and Jatoba. Most come in different finishes such as lacquered and oiled, and styles such as rustic oak flooring or brushed and oiled oak.

At Wood Flooring Supplies we are sure you will find the right floor for your needs.

Hardwood floors have become much more fashionable in recent years, being the premium choice of floors, having solid oak floors in your house increases the value of your home. Nothing beats the solid feel of a solid oak floor. If laid correctly hardwood flooring can last a lifetime, due to the thickness it can be re-sand many times, so it still has the amazing look from the day you bought it.

Solid flooring comes in tongue and groove boards, so can be installed either nailed (if onto a wooden sub-floor) or glued directly down onto concrete floors. The manufacturer’s guidelines should always be followed whilst fitting hardwood floors.

Solid oak wood flooring is the most popular hardwood we sell, which comes in lots of shades and finishes, but we also sell Solid walnut flooring and solid Acacia Mangium Hardwood floors.

We only sell woods that have come from sustainable forests.

Laminate flooring is not a wood at all and consists of a High Density Fibreboard (HDF) base, with a textured photographic top layer and then finished with an ultra tough wear layer. Over time installation of laminate floors has become very quick and easy, not like decades ago when it was a tongue and groove board where each panel had to be glued together. Quick-Step invented the Uniclic fitting system and second to none for the ease of fitting.

Nowadays you can’t even tell once laid if it is laminate flooring or real wood on certain Quick-step ranges. There are many advantages over solid wood, like it’s extremely hard wearing, cheaper, very fast to install, very good for allergy sufferers and easy to clean if you have pets.

You do pay for what you get with laminate floors, even with the Quick-step Budget range it still clicks together effortlessly. Quick-step laminate flooring comes in all colours and styles like oak effect laminate flooring, walnut laminate flooring and tile effect laminate floors. With highly fashionable white laminate flooring and black laminate flooring, you can rest assured that you will find the one you want.

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